One pilgrim’s reflection from Gethsemane

One pilgrim's reflection from Gethsemane

Sunday – September 29:

This pilgrim aspires to be …
• Resilient in the face of unexpected events — that for which no amount of planning can anticipate; circumstances that require flexibility and creative solutions.
• Thankful for a schedule; a framework that can change as needed.
• Thankful for hyper-aware guides who know how to move us carefully, skillfully, and supportively out of harm’s way.
• Thankful for the difficult questions, the candid answers, the ready apologies; the shared pain, support, relief, comfort, and solitary space as needed.

What this is not: A vacation.

What this is: A shared journey into an experience that is not my own.
It is not about me, but it allows me what I believe will be a once in a lifetime window into the complex history of human conflict. It calls upon me to be compassionate, to suspend judgment, to put learning ahead of my own needs or desires. I want to observe and absorb the challenging human experience of others. Regardless of the emotional cost to me, that cost pales in comparison to the anxiety, angst, and despair of those immersed in the decades, no, centuries of a search for “HOME.”
– Rita


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