A Trip To The Wall


We visited Bethlehem on Saturday, the Jewish sabbath (shabbat). On returning, I needed to visit an ATM. Unfortunately, the ATM nearest the St. George Guesthouse wouldn’t work for me.  Where might I find another?

A large upscale mall next to The Old City seemed likely to house an ATM and the mall was within walking distance of The Guesthouse.  But would the mall be open for the period between the end of Shabbat (about 6 pm) and the close of the business day?

Not to worry.  The mall was packed with Jewish shoppers and tourists.  Traffic on the surrounding streets was heavy and raucous.  Security seemed relaxed , with only a single guard and walk through metal detector at each entrance.

And yes, I found an operating ATM – one with a prominent “English” button.  Now, if only these ATMs did not spew out large denomination notes (200 sheqels, about $56) that bring a hard stare and the demand for something smaller from every shopkeeper that I’ve encountered!

– Henry


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