Our First Day – An Unexpected Detour

Maureen and I arrived in Jerusalem mid-afternoon on Monday, 9/23, her birthday.  A bit over two hours later, I was in the emergency room at Al Hayat Medical Center, just a couple of blocks from the hotel where we are staying until the group forms up on Wednesday.

It was not a social call I was making.  Rather, I had quite inelegantly fallen off a moving treadmill in the fitness center of the hotel gym.  Since I was having trouble walking on my right leg and lots of muscle pain in my right thigh, it seemed the sensible thing to do.

Al Hayat was perfect.  It is one of six medical centers in Jerusalem founded and managed by a Palestinian doctor turned entrepreneur.  The check in process took five minutes; the wait to see the doctor only slightly longer.  It is a thoroughly modern facility – a clinic with multiple specialties, a pharmacy and emergency room, and everything recorded immediately on the doctor’s computer.  You can learn more at http://www.hmc-jr.com/en.

Total cost?  US$40.

The good news is that no serious harm was done to my leg.  I am to take it easy for a couple of days, hot showers, ibuprofen, etc.  But no treadmill until I get back home!



2 thoughts on “Our First Day – An Unexpected Detour

  1. Yikes Kenn. Sorry to hear about your injury but glad you are better. I am in Tel Aviv and hope to see you and the rest tomorrow in Jerusalem. Charmian

  2. Kenn,
    So now we have one gimp pilgrim on each side of the Atlantic! I hope this doesn’t slow things too much for you. Take care of yourself. Dave

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