Pilgrimage Hopes and Expectations – A Mosaic

Pilgrimage Expectations and Hopes – A Mosaic

In preparation for our travel to the Holy Land, we have many ideas and emotions about the journey.  We have read and heard stories and facts.  Everyday, our eyes and ears are attentive to the news and the human stories being told.  There are constant shifts in perspective and policy and promise.

In a meeting, about a month ago, we did an exercise posting single words that described our Expectations and our Hopes for the journey.  As we depart, I think these words are still applicable and will be touchstones as we live into the pilgrimage.

Expectations         Hopes

Sacred               Friendships

Anger                Understanding

Despondence      Insights

Seeking              Exploration

Surprises            Grace

Friendships          New Relationships

Confusion           Admiration

Possibilities         Faith

Adventure          Awareness

Learning             Tolerance

Tradition             Discovery

Frustration          Deepening

Ancient Sites       Mediterranean Climate

Discomfort          Good food

May we all find what we hope for and more!


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